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FMCSA Part 381 Exemptions in Effect

(Starting with renewal or new, beginning effectiveness in February 2016; in order of effective date)

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Filing OrganizationCategorySub-CategoryApplies ToRequestDate Appvl Published Fed RegEffective DateExpiration DateDocket Number FMCSA-
SC&RAHOS30 Min.Mobile Cranes30 min break exemption for mobile cranes11/1/1611/1/1611/1/182016-006
Missouri Dept Revenue (Option all States)CDLMilitaryVet truck driversSkip CDL knowledge test10/27/1610/27/1610/29/182016-0130
ArcelorMittalHOS/VEHHOS/VEHTheir drivers on-siteVery short interstate trips9/23/169/23/169/23/212015-050
CRSTCDLCLPCLP holders, as team driverCLP holder w/o front seat CDL holder9/23/169/23/169/24/182015-0480
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverOELTJENBRUNS: CDL exemption9/12/169/12/169/12/182012-0032
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverBERNHARD: CDL exemption renewal9/12/168/29/168/28/182012-0032
Farruggio’s ExpressHOSRODSFarruggio drivers onlyShort haul: Go past 12 hr limit w/o RODS8/10/168/10/168/10/212015-0460
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverBOEHM CDL exception7/25/167/25/167/25/212012-0032
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverBAUMANN CDL exception7/12/166/30/20166/29/20212012-0032
Missouri Dept RevenueCDLWaiver skills test- militaryOption for all SDLAs; Veterans w/I 1 year of dischargeExtend 90 day app period to 1 year6/29/167/8/20167/8/20182016-0118
Ace Pyro / Illuminations FireworksHOS14 hrDrivers for 2 carriers, Jun 28-Jul 8 onlyNo 14 hr rule during fireworks shows6/29/166/28/167/8/202014-0111
Oregon DOTCDLCLPAll SDLAsIssue CLP for 1 yr period instead of 6 mo4/5/164/5/164/5/182015-0397
TowMate LLCLighting393.23Temporary Towing OperationsAllow rechargeable battery tail lighting systems2/9/162/9/162/9/182015-0238
Amer PyrotechnicsHOS14 hrCertain fireworks transporters; limited periods14 hr exception during July 4 fireworks6/29/15 and 7/5/166/28/167/8/20 FAST Act2007-28043
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverKEHM CDL Exemption12/21/1512/21/1512/21/172012-032
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverSEITTER CDL exception12/7/1512/7/1512/7/172012-032
SDDCHOS30 minSDDC special category shipments"Attending" 30 min break on dutyPending10/22/1510/22/20 FAST Act2013-0275
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverURBAN CDL Exemption10/5/1510/5/1510/5/172012-0032
R&R TranspHOS30 minCertain hi-risk cargos"Attending" time 30 MRB for hi-risk cargoPending10/2/1510/2/20 FAST Act2015-0197
ATAHOS30 minAll placarded HM"Attending" HM 30 min break on duty8/21/158/21/158/21/20 FAST Act2015-0012
Ford Motor CompanyExhaust Location393.83Motor carriers operating Ford’s Transit-based CMVsExhaust system location that does not meet current requirements8/12/158/12/158/14/172015-0111
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverENNERST CDL renewal7/30/157/22/157/22/172012-0032
DOEHOS30 minDOE special category shipments"Attending" 30 min break on duty6/22/156/30/156/30/20 FAST Act2012-0370
Calif Farm Bur beesHOS30 minAll bee transportersNo rest breaks6/19/156/19/15Permanent: FAST Act2014-0445
SCRAHOS30 minUnder OS/OW permitNo rest breaks if OS/OW under permit6/18/156/18/156/18/20 FAST Act2015-0420
ATA livestockHOS30 minAll livestock transportersNo rest breaks6/12/156/12/15Permanent: FAST Act2013-0283
CR EnglandCDLOtherCLP holders, as team driverCLP holder w/o front seat CDL holder6/11/156/11/156/12/172014-0406
Flatbed Carrier Safety GroupCargo Securement393.12All motor carriersSecurement of metal coils loaded with eyes crosswise grouped in rows6/4/156/4/154/13/172010-0177
TrailwaysHOSshort stopsRegular Route motorcoach driversNot log short stops: all reg rt carriers6/4/155/31/155/31/20 FAST Act2012-0268
Virginia Tech Transportation InstituteWindshield Obstruction
(See Note)
393.60(e)(1)Up to 150 CMVs operated by motor carriers under NHTSA research projectPlacement of data acquisition systems lower in the windshield than currently allowed5/20/155/20/155/20/172015-0024
RVIACDLOtherDriveaway RV driversRec veh driveaway CDL exemption4/6/154/6/154/6/172014-0352
NRMCAHOS30 minReady-mix driversConcrete driver 30-min exemption4/2/154/2/15Permanent: FAST Act2014-0317
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverZEILINGER: CDL Exemption3/27/153/27/153/27/172012-0032
McKee FoodsHOSsleeperTeam drivers using sleeperSleeper berth modified rule3/27/153/27/153/27/20 FAST Act2014-0071
OTAHOS14 hrOR timber drivers, limited situationsOregon Trk Assoc for timber industry3/18/153/18/153/18/20 FAST Act2013-0451
Dealers Choice Truckaway Systems, Inc.Cargo Securement393.71(k)(4)All motor carriersUse of ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene support blocks in lieu of hardwood blocks2/11/152/11/152/13/172014-0335
Innovative Electronics, Inc.Trailer Brakes393.48/49All motor carriersOperation of trailers equipped with trailer-mounted electric brake controllers2/11/152/11/152/13/172011-0022

Note for Windshield Obstruction Exemptions: On September 23, 2016, in response to Section 5301 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a final rule amending 49 CFR 393.60(e) to allow certain devices that utilize “vehicle safety technology” to be mounted on the windshield of commercial motor vehicles (see 81 FR 65568). In addition, the Act required FMCSA to allow the use of all devices for which limited 2-year exemptions had previously been granted and in effect on the date of enactment of the Act. As such, the regulatory amendments made in the September 2016 final rule effectively eliminate the need for the windshield obstruction temporary exemptions previously listed in this table; therefore, they have been removed.

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Director Office of Carrier, Driver, and Vehicle Safety Standards

Updated: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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